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What is the pssmdjnsca?

We are a collection of internet resources for fans of Sailor Moon, a magical girl based anime.

What does pssmdjnsca mean?

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Diana & Jamie Nova Scotian Canadian Page of Miscellaneoussy. If you don't want to have to remember the long name, just remember Page of Misc.

Why the long name?

We wanted to reflect the origins of Sailor Moon from Japan in our name since we are a North American based group. We also wanted our names in the title, to reflect who made the page, and we wanted where we live to be there too so that Canadians aren't just known as hicks who have only seen the DiC version. Some people don't like the long name, so just call us the Page of Misc.

What are the primary focuses of this site?

Generally, the Japanese version of Sailor Moon, though we try to include DiC and are trying to add stuff from the Manga. We have seen almost all 200 episodes of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, have seen all DiC dubbed episodes, but do not have any of the manga. We have to use our available resourses.

Is the pssmdjnsca an official site authorized by Takeuchi Naoko, Kodansha, TV Asahi, Toei Douga, DiC, Bandai or any other company related to Sailor Moon?

No. pssmdjnsca is owned by a team of independent Sailor Moon fans in Canada. An official DiC site can be found at by YTV.

Who are the people behind the pssmdjnsca?

Diana & Jamie mainly, but our team includes people working in the media, television, computers and communications area.

Where can we buy some Sailor Moon Products?

Usually at your local department, comic or anime store. Some online toys can be bought at

What are the future plans of this site?

We plan to be the most *complete* source of Sailor Moon on the internet, but this will be in a great period of time. Hopefully, after that we can expand to an anime site.

Has the pssmdjnsca really had so many visitors?

Yes, the counter on our main page truly reflects the number of visitors to the website since we started in March 1997. We've had lots of publicity granted through our former ranking system and awards.

Does the pssmdjnsca have someone who is available to talk about their page and give their opinions and tips to other people?

Yes, we're happy to talk to you guys and help you with your pages. You can contact us at

Is there anything you are curious about and would like to ask? E-Mail us here.
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