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Test Your Japanese Sailor Moon Knowledge

Only Japanese answers will be given full points for your score.
  1. Why does Sailor V (in the manga) have a cresent moon on her forehead?

  2. What year did Sailor Moon start airing in Japan?

  3. What is the Makaiju?

  4. Are the Starlights male or female?

  5. Who is the Golden Senshi?

  6. Who is Tuxedo Kamen's crime-fighting alter-ego?

  7. Which general has green trimming on his uniform?

  8. How many Sailor Senshi are there?

  9. What are the starlight's three main attacks?

  10. Who is the senshi of Earth?

  11. Are the Animates good or evil?

  12. Who carried the third nijizuishou?

  13. Who is Chibi Chibi?

  14. What is the translation Princess Kakyuu's name?

  15. Who are the characters in which the Sailor Moon R, S and SuperS movies are based around?

  16. Who powered up the Outer Senshi?

  17. Who was the first senshi in the universe?

  18. Who commanded Ziorconia?

  19. Who are the members of the Death Busters?

  20. What are the Amazoness Quartet's senshi names?

Thank you for taking this quiz! You will be mailed with the answers shortly!

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