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46 Questions of Sailor Moon!

Note: We will no longer be accepting any more surveys, you can still take it but it can't be sent in.

  1. Which senshi has the strongest power; Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, or Saturn?

  2. Which senshi is the meanest/biggest snob?

  3. Who is your favorite character of the supporting characters?

  4. Who is your favorite senshi?

  5. Who is your least favorite senshi?

  6. Who is the most powerful Villain?

  7. Which character do you think is the prettiest?

  8. Who's outfit is the coolest?

  9. Who is your favorite cat; Luna, Artemis, or Diana?

  10. Who do you dislike more; Sailor Mars or Sailor Chibi Moon?

  11. Who is more powerful; Sailor Jupiter or Sailor Neptune?

  12. Who is your favorite out of Sailor Uranus, Sailor Mercury, and Sailor Moon?

  13. Who is more pretty; Sailor Venus or Sailor Mars?

  14. Is the Moon Stick with the ginzuishou stronger than the Cutie Moon Rod? Yes or No.

  15. Do you like the N.A. version of Sailor Moon better than the Japanese version? Yes or No.

  16. If you were trapped on a deserted island with Sailor Mars, Sailor Chibi Moon, and Sailor Mercury, who would be the first to drive you crazy?

  17. Who is more powerful, Eternal Sailor Moon or Super Sailor Moon?

  18. Out of all the senshi, who would be the most likely to loose in a battle?

  19. Who would be the most likely to win?

  20. In your opinion, should Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus be lesbians? Yes or No.

  21. Is Sailor Uranus stronger than Sailor Mars? Yes or No.

  22. Do you like the Super Sailor senshi better than the regular senshi? Yes or No.

  23. Would Mamoru and Rei make a better couple than Mamoru and Usagi? Yes or No.

  24. Should Reeny's annoying voice (in the N.A. version) be changed to something not so whiny? Yes or No.

  25. Do you think that little girls should travel back in time to try to seduce their fathers away from their mothers? Yes or No.

  26. Who is more pretty; Sailor Neptune or Sailor Mercury?

  27. Who is more powerful; Queen Beryl or Wiseman?

  28. Who is more powerful; Tsukikage no Knight, Tuxedo Kamen, Endymion, or King Endymion?

  29. Who is more powerful; Usagi, Sailor Moon, Super Sailor Moon, Eternal Sailor Moon, Princess Serenity, or Neo Queen Serenity?

  30. Should Makoto and Shinozaki go out? Yes or No.

  31. Should Minako and Motoki go out? Yes or No.

  32. Out of Sailor Pluto and Sailor Venus, who is your favorite?

  33. Should Sailor Mars be turned into a guinea pig, a rat, or a fat hamster?

  34. Is Sailor Mars your favorite senshi? Yes or No.

  35. Who is the cutest; Sailor Chibi Moon, Sailor Saturn (while she's growing up), or Chibi Chibi?

  36. Do you think Chibi Chibi is Chibi Usa's daughter, Usagi's daughter, just a character who's whole identity was never resolved, or Sailor Galaxia's spirit?

  37. Could Sailor Pluto beat up Sailor Neptune in a fist fight? Yes or No.

  38. Who is your favorite out of Sailor Venus and Sailor Saturn?

  39. Who is the overall best character?

  40. Who is your favorite of the Sailor Star Lights; Sailor Star Healer, Sailor Star Maker, or SailorStar Fighter?

  41. Do you find Sailor Chibi Moon annoying? Yes or No?

  42. Who is more powerful, Sailor Chibi Moon or Chibi Chibi?

  43. When you talk to fire, does it talk back? Yes or No.

  44. Do you think it is sane to talk to fire? Yes or No.

  45. Was this a good survey? Yes on No. If you said no, please tell us why in the box below.

  46. We know that this has nothing to do with Sailor Moon, but give us your favorite saying in the box below.

Thank you for taking this survey!

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