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The entire pssmdjnsca is best viewed on a 640 x 480 screen, at 16 bit color resolution on a PC computer, with Netscape Communicator 4.05. Anything else and we might look bad.

Credits & Special Thanks
    Stéphane Dumas
Our official scout. He searches for pages for our awards. (not related to DiC's improper translation of senshi)
    Steve Thompson
Helped us with the javascript background changer on the javascript non-frames version.
    Bomi Lee
She made a lot of the midis in the archive and let us post them. Her midis are the best ones.
    Crystal Knight
The majority of the good quality 80 X 46 animated GIFs are made by her. She let us post some around.
Some of the manga pics we have are from her page, she was nice enough to let us use them.
    Ken Arromdee
He sent us his FAQ filled with tons of information about Sailor Moon which has aided this page.
    Ron Walker
Thanks for scanning all those pics when I didn't have a scanner!
    Koy of SMWPR
He tried to help us get our ranking system back up...
    Hotoshi Doi
He gave us the propulsion to work on this page.
    Janelle Jimenez
An old IRC buddy of Dee who helped a little bit.
    Scot Bontrager
He tried to help get the ranking system working on
They gave us the space for the experimental ranking system ressurection.
This is who generously gave us space for wavs.
They gave us space where our movies are posted.
All our fanart/fanfiction space was given by them.
Where would we be without them?
The counter keeps going and going and going...
They helped us get off that javascript format for our banners of commerce by creating a banner rotation system.
The Supreme Sailor Moon Webring. Need I say more?
How else would we be able to receive all your lovely comments?
    Various Websurfers like You
Thank you to those who help promote our page, support it, took time to sign our guestbook and write some feedback, even those who flamed us. It all helps to make this site better for everyone.

Our Policy

Since we do not own anything of the name Sailor Moon we cannot particularly tell you not to steal anything or borrow anything, because technically we are all stealing from Takeuchi Naoko, Kodansha, TV Asahi, Toei Douga, etc. for placing all their hard work online. Everything on the internet is open for anyone to take, but if you do borrow something from this site, we would appreciate it if you credit us and link us, like we do to other people. We work very hard at our page and don't want everything we've done to be stolen with a simple *cut and paste*.


We're not the Sailor Moon phanatics as we used to be when we started out this page. We never have time to update this page because we do have lives and jobs, but we try to change it every once in a while to keep people from getting mad. We don't particularly like Sailor Moon anymore, but we feel we have a commitment to uphold this page as completed for you people before we leave it.


We did not apologize to Fifth Witch as they say on their page. Why would we do that since they enjoy expressing how much they dislike our page to everyone? We just told them that everyone has their own opinion and how they choose to handle it is their own choice. We just sent a letter back to them because it was pointless to flame each other back and forth.

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