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Helpful Homepage Hints

Thinking about making a page on Sailor Moon? Or do you already have one and just want to improve it? Don't know where to begin? Well, this is the page for you! As some of you might know, we used to offer help on homepages, images, etc., but now, we have expanded so much and are unable to offer these services any longer. Here are some pssmdjnsca helpful homepage hints.
Here are a few things to remember about all homepages.
Click here to visit our version of the World's most annoying page ever!!!!!!
If your page is anything like this one, we reccomend you read this.

Blinking Text:

You should only use this to get a person's attention for a couple of words or a small headline such as updated or new. It was NEVER meant to be used for a paragraph or your entire homepage, do you know how annoying that can get? And not to mention the migraines it can cause.

Use of headlines or large fonts:

Don't write your entire homepage or even a large portion in the below. They are for headlines, titles, etc. to separate certain parts of a homepage. Large fonts all the way down a page can also get quite annoying. Just stick to the regular font that is already set (font size 3).

heading size 1

font size 7

Choice of Text/Background Colors and Background Image:

Keep colors easy on the eyes and easy to read. Don't have a hot pink background and flouscent green text. Another way to cause migraines. Also, don't have a background that is dark with dark text, light with light text, bright with bright text, etc. Don't have background images that are too crowded/complicated, or too many colors in it. It will be very difficult to read because no color text will show up on it no matter what.

Use of Caps:

Don't write your entire page all in capital letters. In chatlines, this is the same as yelling. You don't want your viewers to think that you're yelling at them or they won't come back! Also, this is very mind boggling.

Paragraphing & Spacing:

Keep your paragraphs in paragraphs. It's boring to read something that is all jumbled together. Also don't have things such as all your updates, a very long detailed story of Sailor Moon beginning from the Silver Millenium all the way to Sailor Stars and beyond..., character profiles of all characters, and episode summary for all 200 episodes, complaints about your webspace, advertisements, long link lists, webring fragments, large multiple images, etc., etc., etc. all at the beginning of your homepage. People hate to scroll and they take FOREVER to load! Put them on separate pages and link them. Not everyone has a nice Pentium 266 with a 56.6K modem and 64 MB Ram. It would certainly be nice but not everyone's got that kind of money!


Try to keep things in an orderly fashion. Tables are a good way to separate things and horizontal lines are too but don't go crazy with them. We hate seeing pages with six or seven horizontal lines one after another with nothing in between them! That's not what they were meant for!

Linking Images from Others Pages:

This has to be one of the most ignorant things a person can do. The more people who link to an image, the slower it takes for it to load. Just think, if one hundred people link to one image, all on one hundred different pages, and one hundred people all try to view it at the same time, it's going to be very slow. Please be considerate and upload the majority of the images to your own server and limit the other linked images to very few small ones. This is why webring fragments take so long to load!

Try to Keep Things as Original as Possible:

For example, don't steal backgrounds from other pages (like many others have been doing to us!) and don't try to copy other people's names. We admit that we do not own Sailor Moon but it's very childish to steal names from other pages just because you think it sounds cool. Our awards and Ranking System are other's better to go to a certain homepage and see something different, it's what keeps your page unique from the others.

Large Images:

Don't load your page up with huge images, they take forever to load such as your logo. We've been to some homepages before where their logo takes up 1/3 of the space on their page! They're so big that people get impatient waiting for them to load and end up hitting the stop button on their browsers and then they never get to enjoy the true beauty of your images. Keep your logo a reasonable size.

Page Content:

Decide what your page is going to be about. Decide what the main focus of your page will be. Start out small, and work at things one at a time. Don't get a bunch of half finished pages up. Doing that is a sure way to insure that you'll never feel like finishing them. Most of the time when people start something and put it away, they never feel like going back to it, they always want to start on a new idea. Then you will have a bunch of semi-informative mumbo-jumbo. Not only is it annoying to your viewers, but it makes your pages look unimportant and unprofessional. It may be the best page in the world, but because of the orginization, a lot of people may think it sucks and not ever come back to your page again.

Broken Links & Images:

This has to be one of the most annoying things to have on your homepage. You should check all links at least once a month to insure they are all working. If you plan on having a certain page, don't make it a page until you have it finished and uploaded. There's nothing more ignorant than those stupid little signs representing and image with a question mark in it and beside it written, "The bestest picture in the world and I have the only copy of it." Or something along that line...

Stolen Images:

There's nothing worse than going to page after page after page after page after page after page after page after page with the same images over and over and over! Try making your own images by scanning some trading cards you have, or various other pictures, posters whatever! If you can't do that, try cutting up group shots or large images. Being original is one of the most important things about a homepage, and if you can have a few different pictures, it catches peoples' attention.

Overconfidence/Underconfidence of the Creator:

One thing that bugs us when we're visiting Sailor Moon homepages is the self-confidence of the pages' owner. People who brag up their homepages and say things like "This is the BEST Homepage on the Internet" for the most part are full of it. Yes, there are some pages with boastful owners who can at least live up to part of their story, but the others... Then there are those people who think nothing of their homepages. They say things like "Welcome to My Crappy Web Site". They don't deserve the webspace they've been provided with an attitude like that. People like this deserve to be drug out into the street and beat with a stick. Don't really say anything about your opinion on your homepage, it makes people think you're conceited, or the complete opposite.

Signing Guestbooks:

Don't you hate it when people say, "Please, please sign my guestbook! I'll be your best friend and if you don't I'll have Luna eat you!" The viewer will sign it if they feel like leaving a comment. Begging people to sign it gives them the impression that you are a little child, desperate, and unserious about your webpage. Most of the time they will just take up space in your guestbook by just signing their name or advertising their homepage. If they like it, they will tell you. Some homepages we've been to have even offered to have a draw prize for all of the people who sign the silly thing! This is just crazy! It's good to have a guestbook, but don't try to encourage people to leave a comment.

Language/Image Content:

Try to keep your language clean, watch the swearing and name calling and what-not. If your page has language and/or graphics that may be considered offensive to some, please, put a warning at the very beginning of your webpage. Don't forget that in a lot places, children watch Sailor Moon, and this day in age, a lot of them have access to the Internet and may see this offensive content. Let's not be the ones to ruin a child's fragile mind. These are the people who ruin internet privilages for us all!

Picture Galleries:

Use thumbnails for large images. There's nothing more agravating then sitting there, waiting for a picture gallery to load, when they have 10 large pictures loaded on one page, and they have 6 pages of them! This is really time consuming, and sometimes not all of the pictures load and sometimes the whole picture doesn't load. Use thumbnails or text links. One more thing, thumbnails are not smaller resized images using the height and width command in HTML! They are actual smaller images done by shrinking the image in an actual program.

Advertising Banners:

This is just an extra little way to help boost the number of hits your page recieves, but don't get carried away. It's okay to sign up with search engines and banner exchanges (i.e. The pssmdjnsca Banners of Commerce) There's only one thing about these, it's exactly what the name means, exchange. People to send them their banner, and they will advertise you, but you must put a banner on your page in return. If you sign up with too many of these things, you get a lot of banners to put up. Try to limit these or maybe have an enter page with some banners, and an image or two, like what we did with our page. It helps cut down on the clutter.

Interesting Stuff:

Try to have neat and fun things on your page like surveys, quizzes, polls, and if you can afford prizes, contests (although sometimes *winner* images to place on homepages are neat too). People never get bored of these things, especially if you're original with them. Don't take someone elses' survey, quiz, poll, whatever and change a word here or there, and claim it's yours, people aren't dumb.

Crowding your Page

Don't put up too many pictures, especially animated gif's, java, frames, etc. Unless your page is specializing in that kind of thing. A bit of everything is nice, but too much is, like we said before, a great way to cause a migraine.

Loading Time of Your Page:

As we said above, try not to over-crowd your page, it takes so long to load. If you plan to use a bunch of high-tech stuff that takes time to load, try to have a text/fast loading version of your page as well as the image/java rich version. It's a little extra work but it keeps your viewers happy.


Try to have helpful information on your webpage. That refers to the topic you have chosen. The main backbone of your homepage is the informative and unique content that you cannot find on other pages. It's always good to do fun stuff on a page a learn a little something new.

For Sailor Moon pages, try to include info on the North American version, the original version, the manga and if you can, maybe even the Sailor V manga, that started the whole thing. There's quite a bit of info on the web about the anime, but not much about the mangas. If you prefer, do one or the other, just be sure not to interchange the information.

We hope that we have been of some help to you. Please keep in mind that this is simply
our opinion as to what makes a good homepage. If you have any questions about anything referring to this and would like to post it or you have seen a page with something that in your opinion
could be improved and would like to tip other people on it, just write us and we would be happy to post it. A homepage that supports good Sailor Moon sites can be found here.

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