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Meanings of the Sailor Senshis' Names in Japanese
Family Name Meaning First Name Meaning Japanese Shift-JIS #*s
Tsukino Moon Field Usagi Rabbit 月野うさぎ *
Mizuno Water Field Ami Sub-Beautiful 水野亜美 **
Hino Fire Field Rei Beautiful/Soul 火野レイ **
Kino Tree Field Makoto Heart/Truth 木野まこと **
Aino Love Field Minako Beautiful 愛野美奈子 ***
Chiba Weaning Chibi-Usa Small Rabbit ちびうさ
Tenou King of Heaven Haruka Remote Future/Faraway 天王はるか *
Kaiou King of Sea Michiru to be filled 海王みちる *
Meiou King of Darkness Setsuna An Instant 冥王せつな *
Tomoe Earth Growth Hotaru Fire Fly/Lightning Bug 土萠ほたる **
* Their family name was taken from the Japanese name of the planet.
Name OriginPlanet
** Their family names have the meanings of the planets' name in Japanese,
but not the names of the planets in Japanese.
Name OriginPlanetMeaning
Sui-seiMercuryWater Planet
Ka-seiMarsFire Planet
Moku-seiJupiterTree Planet
Do-seiSaturnEarth Planet
Kin-seiVenusGold Planet
*** Because Venus is a goddess of love in Greek Mythology,
her family name contains love, not gold.

The name of the days in a week are also related with five elements in Japan.

Japanese DayEnglish DayMeaning
Nichi-youSundaySun Day
Getsu-youMondayMoon Day
Ka-youTuesdayFire Day
Sui-youWednesdayWater Day
Moku-youThursdayTree Day
Kin-youFridayGold Day
Do-youSaturdayEarth Day

If you find 'Sailor Moon Clock' for Windows 3.1, the face os the scout appears on 'their' day.

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