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Which Scout Are You Most Like?

Have you ever wondered which Sailor Scout you are most like?
Amy, Raye, Lita, Mina, or Serena? Well, if you have, take this quiz to find out!

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You are person number to take this quiz.
Click on the answer that you think best suites you in each question and record
the number given into the score box directly below it.

Question #1: You see some big bully trying to steal lunch money from a kid, you:
a.) Go get help.
b.) Beat the bully up.
c.) Run before they come after you.
d.) Tell them to leave the kid alone, distracting them so the kid can get away.
e.) Keep on walking, it's not your problem.
Question #2: You got to a restaurant for lunch. When you receive your food, it has the one thing you hate the most on it:
a.) Shiitake mushrooms.
b.) Canned asparagus.
c.) Yellow-tailed tuna.
d.) Well, there's not anything you don't like.
e.) Carrots.
Question #3: What do you do in your spare time?
a.) Cook.
b.) Play volleyball.
c.) Talk to fire (okay...)
d.) Go to the arcade.
e.) Study, study, and read.
Question #4: You and your friends see an incredibly cute guy. What do you do?
a.) Go crazy, you can't help yourself.
b.) Try to get to him before your friend does.
c.) Go up and talk to him. You're very sure of yourself.
d.) Nothing. You don't have time for relationships.
e.) "He looks like my old boyfriend Freddie..." with a dreamy expression on your face.
(gee, I wonder where we've heard that one before...)
Question #5: You are approached by a homeless woman who asks you for your spare change. You:
a.) Give her your pocket change.
b.) Search your pockets, then when you realize that you've spent your last dime at the
arcade, you feel bad so you tell her to stay there, run home, raid your piggy bank and bring
her back all that was in there.
c.) Give her what you've got.
d.) "Sorry, but I don't give money to scum like you." Then walk away with your nose in the
e.) Give her a dollar.
Question #6: This big geek (i.e. Melvin) comes up to you and gives you a rose. What do you do:
a.) Laugh rather embarrassed then run.
b.) "Thank you." Then blush.
c.) "I'm too good for you!" Then throw the rose back in his face, wait until it falls to the
ground, then grind it into a million pieces with your foot, toss your hair over your shoulder then
walk away, insulted.
d.) "Thank you. Do you want to go get a shake?" It's not that you like him, you just don't
like to hurt people's feelings.
e.) "That's so sweet, but I'm sorry, I'm not interested."
Question #7: You see your boyfriend with another girl. You:
a.) "They're just friends, they're just friends..."
b.) You're very hurt, you stalk him, and beat her up.
c.) Walk up to the two of them, slap both of them in the face, than walk away.
d.) "Well, if that's who he wants to be with..."
e.) Run away, crying.
Question #8: A little girl comes up to you with tears in her eyes and asks you to protect her from the big bullies at school. You:
a.) "Sorry, but I can't be seen with a little brat like you, you're ruining my image! Now go
b.) "Let me at those little brats!"
c.) "...sure..."
d.) "Sorry, but I have to study."
e.) "Okay little girl. What's your name?"
Question #9: You are just announced the Beauty Queen at your school prom. It comes time to say your thank you's. You thank the following people:
a.) You can't say anything, you're speechless.
b.) "Well, I don't want to thank my old boyfriend, Freddie, for not voting for me, but I
would like to tell all you guys that I am single!"
c.) "I'd like to thank everyone for choosing me as the most beautiful!
d.) "Uh...hehehe...hehe...he..."
e.) "I just have one person I would like to thank...ME! That's right, I'd like to take the
opportunity to say that I am a genius for voting for myself so many times." You are then
stripped of your crown for cheating. It is than handed to your so-called best friend.
(meaning they hate you)

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