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Test Your North American Sailor Moon Knowledge

Only North American answers will be given full points for your score.
  1. What are the scout names for Serena, Amy, Raye, Lita, and Mina?

  2. What were the seven crystals that Darien and Zoisite were looking for?

  3. Who is the Moon Princess?

  4. Name the 4 weird sisters.

  5. What was the nickname given to Reeny by Rubeus?

  6. Who was the voice behind 'Central Command'?

  7. Name the four generals of the Negaforce.

  8. Who were the two aliens with the strange tree?

  9. What did they call their strange tree?

  10. What were the aliens after?

  11. Who are Reeny's parents?

  12. Who is the voice in the Luna ball?

  13. Who is the Wicked Lady?

  14. Name all of Sailor Moon's main attacks.

  15. Who was Serena's first crush?

  16. Who is Tuxedo Masks' alter ego?

  17. What is Reeny looking for when she came from the future?

  18. Name all of the members of the Nega Moon Family.

  19. In the episode, "Mercury Moving on?", what are Sailor Mercury's two new powers?

  20. What was the song that played when the Sailor Scouts and Princess Serena fought Queen Beryl?

  • BONUS: In the very last episode (where they're all deciding who the best scout is), when Serena is talking about the two figures in the trees, who were they?

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